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Pre-Spring 2024

Displaying a range of key pieces, like re-introducing the wave shirts in a white and new green gradient, or our quintessential cashmere blend cardigan with emblem embroidery, wide leg track pants in a tricot and velour, a sports day dress with contrast borders in pastel striped rib and powder blue silk piping, we maintain our tradition, whilst simultaneously playing with new variations, such as two new colourways for our crochet tote bags and mini crochet with pearl handles. We present our first pre-collection, as a testament to our signature, and to our dream of Casablanca.

The Court Sneaker

The design language of The Court Sneaker reflects the iconic silhouettes of the 90s. The colours featured throughout the rubber sole are a combination of the refined codes of tennis and classic architecture and create a unified palette throughout the shoe, with the focus on primary colours offset by tennis whites to create a sport focus colour story.